The 21st Vikings is an international Arma 3 Tactical Realism Unit that is based off of 3 core concepts: Teamwork, Tactics, and Immersion. Striving to achieve enjoyable gameplay, we pride ourselves in having organized and dynamic operations multiple times a week. We accept members from all around globe and we are very welcoming of all nationalities. We pride ourselves in our diverse and friendly members. Whether infantry, armored or combined arms warfare, we tailor every mission with the intent to create a unique experience each session. We satisfy the need to get your Arma fix and most of all, to have fun.


Our unit is a tactical realism unit. We use similar methods and concepts as milsim units but without the unnecessary elements like dedicated units or requirements to assert your superiors in teamspeak or on the forums. In addition, we play a variety of conventional and unconventional factions in diverse terrains through land, sea, and air combat. We strive for an enjoyable and organized atmosphere.


During operations we require a complete amount of immersion and seriousness. We use a ranking system which is built around experience, maturity and efficiency which allows the unit to make sure you're capable of your position. Our administrative team is compartmentalized into specific departments and we welcome dedicated members who are eager to help our community grow and develop. We also play a variety of games outside of Arma with lots of friendly members.


If you feel this is a good fit for you and are looking to join we have some basic requirements.

  • You must be 16 years of age.
  • You must be able to understand and communicate in English.
  • You must have a working and clear microphone.
  • Must have a valid copy of Arma 3.
  • Must be willing to learn and to take blame for your actions. 

For more information on the 21st Vikings please look at our Standard Operating Procedures, or visit our teamspeak (